Electrician Lead Services

A lot of property owners are aware of the importance of hiring a professional electrician. One of the top reasons on the list is safety. Handling electricity without prior experience and knowledge can be dangerous. Electricity carries the risk of electrocution, fire hazards, and more. Property owners are extra careful with the electricians they select, which can be tough as an electrician looking for new jobs. 

So how do you make sure property owners can connect with you and trust you over hundreds or even thousands of other electrical contracting companies? That’s where we come in. At Tirios, we provide an exclusive service provider and property owner network where only vetted people can join to either provide service or receive service. Your only job as an electrician when working with Tirios is to get the job done. We will do the rest.

How Our Electrician Lead Services Work

We aren’t an electrician lead services company. We are an all-in-one solution providing electricians with real and ready customers looking for contractors to meet their electrical needs. These property owners are ready to work with a top electrician to help them with installation, repairs, and maintenance. Rest assured, once you sign up to start receiving jobs from us, we won't give them to your competition. Our process is pretty straightforward: you get your own jobs, on your own time, doing what you do best.

Create an Account and Verify Your Business

Once you’ve opened an account with us and verified your business, we’ll start providing you with quality electrician jobs. But first, we have to understand the specific needs of every homeowner or project manager before matching them with an electrician that can fulfill their demands.

Work How You Want, When You Want, Doing What You Want

What you want Tirios to accomplish for you matters a lot to us. That’s why we make sure we know the kind of work you desire based on your expertise, availability, and location. Further, you have the freedom to pick the work orders you want and the flexibility to work on your own terms. To that end, we recognize not every electrician is the same. That’s why we give you orders that reflect your ability to ensure 100%t customer satisfaction.

Maximize Your ROI with Tirios

When you provide exceptional service, property owners who work with you initially will most likely use you again whenever another job comes up. That means more revenue for you. And, our work orders don’t stop once we send the first one to you. You can continue reaping the benefits of Tirios for as long as you wish.

Grow Your Business with Tirios

It’s our mission to make sure you never have to go look for a job again. Hundreds of property owners in your area use our app to look for someone just like you. Have questions? Want to get started? Sign up for our property management app or get a free consultation today so that you never have to worry about finding or converting electrician leads ever again!