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Real estate syndication was for a long time an exclusive service, classified as one of the highest tiers of investment because it was pricey and limited. Now, society is breaking down many barriers in the industry and opening doors for all people to grow their wealth and diversify their portfolios with smaller and affordable property shares. Let’s dissect real estate syndication and what it can do for you.

What are real estate syndication sites?

The simple definition of real estate syndication is a service that allows investors to pool their money to buy a property, usually that would not be affordable or desirable without extra financial support. Syndication is about pooling the money under one lead investor, who actively manages the portfolio and ensures everyone gets back their ROI, which gives them the professional term, syndicator. A real estate syndication site is a website or application that facilitates all of this, and oftentimes can be the syndicatior of the investment. 

Who is a syndicator?

Real estate syndicators organize and run properties and tend to have the following professional descriptions:

  • FThey find and investigate the property to evaluate its income-generating potential
  • Create a financial plan to collect the necessary investment fees
  • Attract investors with a detailed marketing plan
  • Write a contract on the working relationship and income generation
  • Manage the asset to ensure all is going to plan

So what is the exact process of real estate syndication?

How do real estate syndications work? Here is a step-by-step example of how a syndicator would start the investment vehicle.

  • The syndicator will identify the property they can buy or manage because it has a solid promise to create value and enough ROI for them and prospective clients.
  • The next step is to put together capital to purchase the property by collecting money from like-minded investors interested in the deal.
  • Each investor gets equal rights and shares in the deal, while the syndicator maintains the rights to manage the property and investment plan.
  • In the end, they ensure everyone receives the due investment returns, according to their initial investment option.

What is different about syndication in comparison to other investment options?

What is MLS syndication? Real estate syndication sounds like crowdfunding, but they are not the same thing. Both terms have fit into similar descriptions interchangeably over the years, but here is how they differ; syndication is about finding funds and building a financial agreement structure between the investors, while crowdfunding is about pooling money from any third-party and having a separate financial agreement on the investment system.

What is the expected return from real estate syndication?

There are several methods of real estate syndication, and both aim to share the returns and profits among the investors. Examples include getting continuous income from the property’s rent or collect profit after the entire real estate project sale. All forms of payment usually turn a profit, so it is up to you to choose a plan that suits your preferred financial payout option.

How do I find a real estate syndication?

Syndication offers plenty of advantages, no matter the intrinsic details of the deal. We know that investing your money means you expose yourself risk.  Choosing the right investment vehicle is paramount to your peace of mind. At Tirios, we  are happy  to share more information to help you determine  precisely how and why you should invest.

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