Lead Generation Residential Construction


The Only Alternative To Residential Construction Lead Generation

If you are looking for lead generation for your residential construction business, we have something even better. With the Tirios network and AI-powered app, you’ll never have to pay for unreliable leads or high-priced ongoing marketing services again. Tirios replaces conventional contractor lead generation methods with real work orders that are ready to fulfill. As a member of the Tirios tribe, you’ll gain access to a network of hundreds of property owners who need home improvement projects completed by a professional. All you have to do is create your account and verify your business. It’s that easy.

How Tirios Works

Construction jobs are requested by property owners within our network and assigned to a specific provider by Tirios. Once you are signed up, work orders will start to come in for jobs that you’re qualified and available for. You have complete control over the hours you work, so you can grow your business after-hours or take on extra work during the slow season. Our contractor lead procurement services keep you busy doing what you do best instead of chasing down leads or trying to generate more interest in your business.

Why Tirios is Better Than Leads

Most of our service providers have tried all of the common lead generation tactics for (residential & commercial) construction companies, such as cold calling, paying for lead lists, marketing, and hiring outsiders to find new clients. Those methods are costly and time-consuming. When you join Tirios, work orders will replace your construction leads as soon as you sign up, so you can go right to work. Positive reviews left by our service providers attest to the fact that our platform beats all residential construction lead generation techniques - and it’s more affordable.

Key Benefits of Choosing Tirios

You’ll experience a number of perks by signing up with Tirios and joining our other qualified service providers:

- Set your own hours based on your skills, location, and availability. Work when you want on the type of jobs you want, on your own terms (for a change). Enjoy the freedom that comes when you say goodbye to overpriced leads and unwelcomed email marketing campaigns.

- Work orders - not leads. As a Tirios Service Provider, you won’t have to waste precious time bidding on jobs, performing admin tasks, or following up on leads. You’ll make money in less time by fulfilling work orders from our clients and watching your business continue to grow.

- You’ll help to build a strong community as a Tirios member. Joining Tirios encourages high-quality performance in the construction industry and focuses on the core of the business - the fun part. Only the best-qualified service providers pass our screening process, therefore, our property owners come to expect professionalism and expertise when they make a request for a job. As our community grows, so will your portfolio and your reputation. 

- Around the clock support is available from Tirios if and when it’s needed. You can learn more about our company by emailing us at members@tirios.ai or by requesting a free consultation. Create an account with Tirios today to get started, verify your business, and start accepting work orders from our property owners and managers. Decide for yourself if you want to continue paying for residential construction lead generation services or spend more time working. If you ever have any questions, we are always in your corner to help.

Sign up for our property management mobile app or get a free consultation today so that you never have to worry about finding or converting residential construction leads ever again!