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Manage Properties with an Asset Tokenization Platform

Tirios Team

January 10, 2022

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Asset tokenization

2. Benefits of using an asset tokenization platform

3. How Tirios offer asset tokenization in property management

4. Vision of Tirios;  adoption of tokenization

Asset tokenization platforms are places that allow you to tokenize assets. Tokenization refers to the most common way of addressing genuine assets (like real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.) as advanced "tokens" on a blockchain.

Asset tokenization delivers a wide scope of advantages and possible outcomes for a token holder. To give some examples, it can bring down expenses of issuance and trading, reduce dependence on brokers, create greater liquidity, and provide more transparency around the lifecycle of an asset for all parties involved.

To best understand how an asset tokenization platform works, let’s first look at what tokenizing an asset means.

What is Asset Tokenization?

Asset tokenization is the way any certifiable asset becomes digitized, and   divided into smaller parts which appear as tokens. In the broader sense, a token is essentially the digital hallmark  of an asset.ach token addresses a corresponding piece of the digitized asset, which likewise implies the holder of the token has the related possession privileges or different kinds of liberties that come with that specific token. The prospects of tokenization are interminable, and the entire physical and digital world can be tokenized, from physical  assets like real estate and securities, to digital assets like NFT’s.

Advantages of Asset Tokenization

  1. Greater Liquidity

One of the excellent advantages of asset tokenization is improved liquidity.

In traditional trading, buyers need to invest significant energy choosing the variables for selecting   asset owners, legal counselors, and other specialists for building an agreement to execute the trade.

With the introduction  of asset tokenization, this cycle becomes smoother and leveled. A blockchain platform creates  protections and administrative security for token holders.

  1. More Transparency

Transparency is one of the biggest benefits of tokenization. In the tokenization of assets, token-holders’ privileges and obligations are inserted in the agreements that characterize the tokens, alongside an immutable record of possession. This provides you with better insight on who you are working with, what power they have, and who they have bought this token from. This adds absolute transparency to the entire cycle.

  1. No Intermediaries

With the presentation of smart contracts and attributes like the immutably unchanging nature, tokenization has likewise reduced the number of mediators needed in a trade, or at least their direct involvement in the actual transaction. This significantly reduces the cost and security risks associated with transactions.

  1. Less Expensive and Faster Transactions

Since trades of tokens will be completed utilizing smart contracts, a significant piece of the cycle will be digital. This will chop down the number of middlemen and the endeavors needed in controlling and interfering with the entire process. This will ultimately bring about quicker and financially smart trades, which is possibly the biggest  benefit of asset tokenization. Rather than relying on people to get these contracts and transactions completed as soon as possible, you are relying on a piece of code, which is not prone to error or self-interest the way a human is.  

  1. Higher Accessibility

Availability is likewise one of the greatest advantages of asset tokenization on the blockchain surface. The availability of asset tokenization on blockchain permits the fractionalization of assets and opens the door for investors with limited capital to get in on the action.. This creates opportunities for investors who once weren’t involved,  since the barrier to entry is so low.

Blockchain Solutions with Tirios Property Management

Tirios was established on the basis that real estate asset tokenization is now possible through Security Token Offerings (STO’s). By utilizing this innovation, Tirios is able to offer investors the opportunity to join the lucrative single-family rental market for a fraction of the traditional up-front investment amount. Presently, individuals with small amounts of capital to invest do not have many options to get started.. They either invest in the stock market, which is high risk and can be exceptionally unstable, or store their money in a bank account giving them practically 0% in revenue.

Tirios believes it is important to give people the opportunity to invest in the stability of real estate, knowing that their money is safe and easily interoperable with the adoption of tokenization and blockchain.


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