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Tirios Team

November 11, 2021

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Overview of Tirios mobile app

3. Features and Benefits of Tirios mobile app

One of the best actions a property owner can take is to invest in a property management mobile app that helps with daily communication, screening tenants, and scheduling operations like moving in.
Backed by extensive research and AI-powered technology, the Tirios property management mobile app provides a new level of solutions for property owners.

Unique Features of the Tirios Property Management Mobile App

Simple User Interface

With an easy-to-navigate experience, it takes 5 minutes to set up an account on Tirios. Manage all of your related documents and communications within the app.

Transparent & Inexpensive

Let’s face it, property management fees are expensive. Tirios starts at $15/mo with no hidden fees or transaction fees. We’ll even price match all repair services and have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. No strings attached at a very affordable rate. What’s better than that?

Thorough testing

Testing is the final stage that verifies the software’s functions before launching it to the public. The worst thing you can do is use an app that does not undergo rigorous tests because you will likely run into problems when managing properties and tenants’ concerns. Our software developers do everything, so you do not get glitches that compromise your business, and publish the app on public platforms like Apple store and Google Play, so you can read the reviews before purchasing.


Some property owners only need the standard setup to get started with Tirios, others require different processes to work with their unique situation. Create any customized workflows that are personalized just the way you work.

Stress-Free Maintenance

Gone are the days of spending so much time handling maintenance requests, or even finding the right provider to service those requests. Tirios has an exclusive network of service providers of all shapes and sizes (general contractors, electricians, plumbers, roofers & more!).

Strong Community of Professionals

Tirios vets every property owner and service provider that signs up for the app. Never worry about having any issues with any service providers while using Tirios. We work with providers that are best-in-class with amazing service.

Automated Property Management

Tirios takes over everything you need to do to manage your rentals, receiving payments, and manage maintenance requests. Through our autonomous coordination system, you will get service providers that best suit your needs, and no longer have to spend time doing so on your own.

Secure Environment

Tirios verifies the identity of all property owners, tenants, and service providers that join the network. All of the information within the app is safely secure. We have encrypted protection around all sensitive information.

First-Class Customer Support

You’re never alone along your property management journey when you join Tirios. The Tirios Support staff is ready to help you whenever and however you need us to. We are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever our AI can’t help with, the Tirios Support Team will.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about the Tirios community or download our app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store and start today.


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