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Portfolio Property Management App

Tirios Team

November 3, 2021

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Overview of portfolio property management app

3. Online/Mobile App

4. Accounting

5.  Maintenance

6.  Compliance management

7.  Full-time support

There is a historic surge in the real estate business with a lot of positive growth all around the country. Tirios’s portfolio property management app allows property owners, investors, and entrepreneurs to manage a wide range of daily operations like bookings, viewings, accounting, and tenant communication, without using an office or within the building’s premises. The software lets you complete the property management processes and move on to newer real estate projects with ease.

We understand that property management is not easy when you lack the right tools to accomplish simple processes. The Tirios real estate portfolio management system runs seamlessly, so you complete many different tasks without leaving the app.

Most important features of our portfolio property management software

Online/Mobile App

We live in a mobile-oriented world, where everything is accessible in the palm of your hand. It only makes sense to invest in software available via the mobile phone which allows you to manage and respond to alerts in real-time..

Tirios works for people who can’t be on-site, or are always on the go. You can manage your property seamlessly, no matter how far away you may be. . The Tirios property management mobile app provides a multitude of features to support every piece of property management.  


Accounting functions are unavoidable when managing real estate properties, such as rent payments and deposit processing when a tenant moves in or out of the building. The process of managing the accounting workflow is reliant on the nuances of each individual property. The software behind Tirios is AI-powered and customizable, allowing us to personalize and take care of the mundane and administrative portfolio property management tasks for you.


Maintenance work has never been easier than it is with Tirios. Maintenance requests can be made right from the app, and we provide pre-vetted service providers for all types of jobs. Your tenants can schedule maintenance at times most convenient for them. All billing is handled through the app, and Tirios offers a 30-day best price and quality assurance guarantee for all work that is performed.  

Compliance management

Real estate has a lot of different changing laws to match the changing economic and political climates. We’re always updating the Tirios app, including features to reflect any critical changes.

Full-time support

Our DIY property management app serves many types of customers including property portfolio owners, tenants, and service providers. Everyone should be able to do their part simultaneously without any bumps along the way. We’re here to help 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to ensure the best experience.

If you are ready to put this powerful software system to good use, get in touch with us today or download the app from Apple Store or Google Play


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