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Why Invest in
Rental Properties?

Single-Family Rental homes have historically proven to be one of the best-performing asset classes on a risk-adjusted basis. It an attractive hedge against inflation. It is typically a more stable asset class than stocks or bonds, both of which are closely tied to market cycles.

What makes Tirios Unique

Tirios platform is built for individual investors, leaving behind the costly and lengthy past of investment funds, institutional buyers, $100,000 purchasing minimums, high management fees and carried interest, and opaque valuations.
Invest with as little
as $1,000
Fully Managed
Team of
Real Estate Experts
Access to best markets without geographical constraints
Transparent and Low Fees delivers Superior Returns.

The Real Estate Invesment
Platform for Everyone

Tirios is the only vertically-integrated investment platform that equips investors to own fractional shares in a rental home for as little as $1,000.

Blockchain In
Real Estate

Blockchain and tokenization are a crucial part of Web 3.0, a vision of digital ownership of physical assets with well-defined arrangements for sharing income and asset appreciation among the owners. Historically, the real estate industry has been opaque and haracterized by an inherent lack of trust between transacting parties. Blockchain can bridge this gap for real estate investors.
Improved Transparency
Increased Security
Faster Transactions
Cost Savings
Increased Accessibility

“Zillow + Robinhood”

Real Estate Listings in which you can actually invest.
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San Marcos, TX

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San Marcos, TX

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San Marcos, TX

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Investing In Real Estate Could
Change Your Financial Trajectory.

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