Tirios FAQs - close my account

Tirios Team

January 30, 2024

Table of Contents

  • Close my account
  • Steps to deactivate your account in the Tirios App
  • Contact

Close my account

We’re sorry to see you go. To help process the request for deactivate your account, please take note of following:

1. Please sell all your holdings before your account can be deactivated.

2. You will receive any tax statements, account statements and additional regulatory updates via email.

3. After you deactivate your account, please note that regulations require us to preserve certain books and records. We take the security of all collected data extremely seriously, and we don’t intend to use this data for anything beyond the fulfillment of our regulatory requirements.

Steps to deactivate your account in the Tirios App

1. Select Account → Deactivate Account

2. Deactivate Account → Confirm

3. If your account doesn’t have any holdings, you can confirm your deactivation request.

If you need help, contact our team at members@tirios.ai

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