Automated Property Management System and Software

Tirios Team

November 8, 2021

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Overview of Automated Property Management Software

3. Collect Rent Online

4. Maintenance

5. Notifications

6.  Scheduling Calls and Appointments

7.  Beyond Automation

In today’s digital age, using online listings to find, buy, and sell a property at a great price and get tons of exposure has become a gold standard. But that is not the only way technology has revolutionized the real estate industry. Real estate management software can also help property owners manage their properties directly online or from their mobile app. Property management software streamlines and automates the daily responsibilities of property owners and managers.

Whether you are only managing multiple homes or a single-family home, Tirios offers the best automated property management software that can streamline uninteresting tasks. The following are some of the property management tasks you can automate with our cloud-based property management software to improve your operations and overall workflows.

Collect Rent Online

Tirios Corporation’s property management automation includes online payments. Your tenants paying online and automatically getting their bill generated and sent will increase the collection and improve ease of use for your tenants and free up time for you as the property owner. We offer multiple ways to pay rent, such as debit cards, credit cards, etc., which can encourage your tenants to pay on time.


Property maintenance is a vital task for landlords and property managers. There are many ways you can reduce time and save money. For instance, our app can help you schedule reminders for property maintenance - you can easily set it and forget it. In addition, tenants can submit pictures, descriptions, videos, and any other information required to share their maintenance problems. This information is stored in your software to be reviewed whenever required. You will receive a notification through text or email directly from your software, while Tirios team takes care of all maintenance issues on your behalf.


Effective communication is the foundation of a successful tenant-landlord relationship. Fortunately, our automated property management system makes this easy. You can automatically send rental reminders, late fee notifications, notifications that certain documents need to be signed, and so on. If you want to send a message to your tenants or inform them about certain maintenance work, our online property management will let you effortlessly send this information seamlessly.

Scheduling Calls and Appointments

Scheduling appointments and calls can be costly and unproductive. Most property management companies are aware that scheduling ends up as an email chain; it generally requires about six emails to schedule one meeting. Our property management software can drastically help you to reduce the email tag. Our software is a time-saving tool that helps you outline your meeting space quickly.

Beyond Automation

Beyond these tasks, our property management system can play a significant role in both your workflows and property management marketing. Gone are the days of wondering if the next contractor you hire will work out or not. We have an abundance of highly qualified and vetted service providers that will fix any physical problem in your home.

If you are ready to put this powerful software system to good use, get in touch with us today or download the property management app from Apple Store or Google Play.

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