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Best App To Collect Rent

Tirios Team

November 11, 2021

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Overview of rent collection apps

3. Easy rent collection

4. Accept rental agreements

5. Process lease agreements

6. Accept flexible payments

7. How Tirios app lets you manage properties

Beating your real estate competition takes more than putting up better properties and looking better during showings. Providing your tenants with the best possible app to collect rent, as well as other advanced features, will help you stay ahead of the competition in aspects such as maintaining your financial data and satisfying your renter’s concerns. Choose an app like Tirios that will be reliable and will take out all of the unnecessary work that you are doing to manage your property.

Features of the best rent collection app

Easy rent collection

The process of collecting rent online has a significant benefit to the landlord because they can check everyone’s pay via the app instead of keeping up with multiple transactions at the bank. Our online rent collection app allows you to set up automatic rent payments so all of your tenants know when they should make payments and will hardly miss a payment deadline. In addition, the app collects and processes deposit details while calculating fees like penalties and late payment charges in one centralized platform.

Late payments

Our app will automatically calculate missed rent based on your lease agreement details. This means you will not have to calculate and negotiate the grace period because the app will notify the renter of an overdue payment.

Accept rental agreements

A great property management app like ours allows potential tenants to complete the online application which saves a lot of time, especially when a potential tenant can seamlessly be converted to an existing tenant.

Process lease agreements

Many digital property management solutions take a lot of time to process lease applications and agreements because the landlord has to enter the data manually. In addition, they have to make sure the documents match up with critical data like the credit card information and the tenant’s screening results before they can allow them to complete their rental application process and make payments.

The Tirios app contains all the data you need to collect rental information, so you only need to enter data once. The online rent payment tools also save you time and money because you can complete the entire application process of collecting and signing documents on one platform.

Our online documentation allows you to manage different payments and streamline the rental payment process to accept bi-monthly or partial payments that fit the lease agreement.

Accept flexible payments

One of the best ways to set up flexible payments is to adjust the due date on each client’s account. The best thing about this feature is that you can adjust the date to each individual’s account and trust that it will cover late fees and extra payments following the particular account.

The only mobile app that lets you manage your properties

The Tirios app is a true all-in-one solution for managing your property, with the most advanced features and capabilities for collecting rent. We are here to take care of all of the mundane tasks so that you can enjoy the fun stuff. Never have a headache about collecting rent again!

Do you want to learn more about our rental payment app? Download the best app to collect rent online and contact us for more information.


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