Learn How Tirios Is Using Blockchain To Help Millennials Overcome Real Estate Investment Barriers

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February 14, 2023
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"Real estate is one of the best-performing asset class on a risk-adjusted basis, and Tirios is on a mission to make it possible for everyone to access this asset class." says Sachin Latawa, Tirios Founder and CEO, who previously held executive positions at Icahn Enterprises and Fortress Investment Group.

Austin, TX, Dec. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tirios, a revolutionary real estate platform, is transforming the industry by integrating cutting-edge technology to assist millennials in overcoming long-established financial barriers and other obstacles to investing in real estate.

Tirios is the only vertically-integrated investment platform that equips millennials with the ability to own a fractional share in a rental home for as little as $1,000. It does so by relying on blockchain technology, which helps to remove expensive and often time-sapping intermediaries from the process.

With Tirios, millennials and others can buy shares in carefully-vetted rental properties, earning a reliable passive income without the cost and stresses of being a landlord.

"Real estate is one of the best investments millennials can make, and they are a strong market of buyers," says Sachin Latawa, Tirios founder and CEO, who previously held executive positions at Fortress Investment Group and Icahn Enterprises.

Tirios positions itself as a real estate investing platform built for individual investors, leaving behind the costly and lengthy past of investment funds, institutional buyers, $100,000 purchasing minimums, high management fees and carried interest, and opaque valuations.

These factors, Latawa says, have discouraged many potential investors from the real estate market – particularly millennials struggling to know where to start.

"We see home affordability at an all-time low, and generally, millennials are buying their first homes later than their baby boomer parents. There are several reasons behind this delay, including lack of savings for a down payment, high student loan debt, and the lingering effects of career stagnation caused by the Great Recession," says Latawa.

"The delay in homeownership means that millennials have no exposure to the real estate asset class, neither as a primary homeowner nor an investor, often for up to a decade into their careers. Hence, they miss out on benefiting from one of the best performing asset classes on a risk-adjusted basis."

Blockchain and tokenization are a crucial part of Web 3.0, a vision of digital ownership of physical assets with well-defined arrangements for sharing income and asset appreciation among the owners. Historically, the real estate industry has been opaque and characterized by an inherent lack of trust between transacting parties. Blockchain can bridge this gap for real estate investors.

Blockchain technology's potential to increase transaction speed, enhance transparency, and streamline processes, could significantly reduce transaction costs, provide greater liquidity to the real estate asset class, and be an accelerant to onboard the next set of real estate investors, specifically millennials who feel left behind.

On its website, Tirios offers free resources and is currently accepting a waitlist for the soon-to-be-launched free academy, which will become a one-stop center for anyone interested in learning about real estate investing.


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