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January 12, 2022

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2. Overview of Real estate investments vehicles

3. Benefits of investing in Tirios

4. How to invest in Tirios

Real estate was a game for society's elite not longer than 50 years ago. The game is different now because properties are accessible to all kinds of people, and wealth or financial power is spreading out to many other tiers in society. This means people can now access real estate deals at even better prices and still make a significant income.

Investing in real estate will be one of the best things you do for yourself because it is a stable, assured, and easy investment option. How do I find a real estate syndication? The good news is there are many different options when you choose to invest, so take your time to learn about these investment vehicles.

Types of Private Real Estate Investment Vehicles


Traditional real estate requires that you own a piece of real estate for you to make a return. The more modern and better option is to invest in properties you do not own because it is an incredible way to reduce your initial investment, still generate good returns, and reduce the amount of liability on your hands.

Benefits of Rental Properties

A basic form of investing in real estate is to own a property that generates rental income. The only problem with this is that you will more than likely have to manage the daily operations, such as managing the tenants and maintaining  the property to gain a good reputation and excellent customer satisfaction.

The good news is  that there are applications like Tirios that allow you to manage your property and run day-to-day operations without your direct involvement. You can choose a plan that includes every service you need, so all you ever have to do is renew your subscription and receive  passive income every month.

Indirect Investments

Indirect investment means placing your capital in properties and letting another person or team do the managing work. The obvious benefit of this plan is that you don’t have to interact with tenants or worry about the hassle of managing the property  to receive optimal  benefits from your end. Some examples of indirect ownership include:

  • REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) – This option means the syndicator owns the real estate property and offers shares for their clients to have access to the profits and income. The REIT structure tends to be specific to each company and the investment program, so be selective with  choosing one that will offer a high degree of performance for your investment.
  • Private Real Estate Investment Vehicle – This option means the investor pools money from clients to invest in  a physical asset  that will generate a return. Some of these programs give the investor complete control of the investment plan, while others have different permissions on how much they can do.

Try Tirios for real estate listing syndication. Check out more of our information online and schedule a free consultation online about private real investment vehicle opportunities.


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