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Blockchain reduces the dependency on intermediaries for buying and selling tokens in an asset. It offers unparalleled liquidity for an otherwise illiquid asset class and enables buyers and sellers to enter into transactions at any time.

Extensive investor authentication protects the users.

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Payments and money transfers for property transactions are expensive and time-consuming due to the involvement of multiple-channel partners and extensive documentation.

Blockchain streamlines the record-keeping, payment clearing, and settlement process, which translates to significant cost savings over traditional methods and improves overall returns for investors.

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Blockchain creates a series of complete, immutable, and traceable records of transactions, offering audit trails of transactions such as ownership history and property cash flow.

End-to-end encryption eliminates fraud and unauthorized transactions, and smart contracts provide automated compliance and governance capability.

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Fractional Investing

Our mission is to make Real Estate investing accessible to everyone, in ways that were never possible before. With fractional investing, you can invest in real estate with as little as $1,000.

Fractional investing gives you more power and control over your real estate portfolio and helps you manage risk more conveniently. Since you are not locked into purchasing the entire asset, you can diversify your portfolio with smaller amounts of money across different assets and across different locations.

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Target IRR : 19.1%
Min Investment : $1,000

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Target IRR : 19.2%
Min Investment : $1,000

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What our Investors are saying

I can now invest in multiple properties, which helps diversify my portfolio across various cities and zip codes. In addition, Tirios offers unparalleled efficiency and transparency to an otherwise complex, cumbersome, and time-consuming process. Tirios is THE BEST way to invest in real estate!

I can invest with a low upfront investment amount, without any stress for dealing with brokers, appraisals, title, lenders, property managers, and maintenance issues. I can review the property details and invest remotely. Investing with Tirios is a perfect solution to get started with residential real estate investment.